Definition of Split Pot

What does the term "split pot" mean as it applies to the game of poker? What is meant by the term "split pot"?

In poker, a "split pot" occurs when two or more players end up sharing a pot.

Definition of Split Pot - Poker DictionaryLet's look at a few examples of when a "split pot" would occur.

Example 1:

A player in early position raises. Action folds around to you on the button. You re-raise. The SB and BB fold, and the player in early position shoves. You quickly call, and you both turn over pocket Aces.

The board runs out Kc-Kh-3h-7c-8s. You both have Aces and Kings, so you split the pot.

Example 2:

You are playing a heads-up cash game match. With the board reading Kh-Kc-Ks-Qc-Qh, you and your opponent both check.

You turn over a pair of Twos, while your opponent shows 8d-9d. Neither you nor your opponent are able to beat the board, so you split the pot.


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