Definition of Triton Million

What is the "Triton Million"?

The Triton Million is an annual event that is hosted by the Triton Series, which puts on high-end poker events in some of the world's most exotic locales.

The Triton Million is special because it features the biggest buy-in in the history of live poker. The 2019 event in London, for instance, has a buy-in of over 1 million pounds.

The meaning of the term Triton Million when it comes to the great game of poker.  What is it?The Triton Million is different from traditional tournaments in that it is not open to just anyone.

A committee will first select a list of prominent businessmen and recreational players. Invitations will then be extended to these players.

If a player accepts the invitation, they will have the chance to invite one professional player to participate in the tournament.

When the tournament begins, the invited players are kept separate from the professional players for a total of six levels. After that time, a draw is held to combine the two fields.

At the end of Day 1, another table draw is held. One important note - a recreational player/businessman can't play at the same table as the professional player that they invited until the final table.


The prize pools for the Triton Millions events are massive, so there is obviously a great deal of interest from rich businessmen and professional players alike.

The Triton Million is traditionally a three-day event.


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