Scott "urnotindangr" Palmer Leads After First 2,500 Hands

Published on April 4th, 2011 12:31 am EST

Isildur1 vs. urnotindangr - King spinning the basketball on his finger, looking forward to the NCAA finalsScott "urnotindangr" Palmer and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom played the first 2,500 hands of their "Superstar Showdown" match earlier today, with Palmer finishing with a profit of $5,425.

The winner of the match will be the player who is up after a total of 5,000 hands have been completed. The second half of the Palmer/Blom battle will begin next Sunday at 3 pm EST.

"Isildur1" had a sizable lead right near the end of today's battle, but a very large pot with just a few hands to go gave "urnotindangr" a small advantage heading into next Sunday.

Prior to the hand getting underway, "urnotindangr" had roughly $30k in his stack (at this particular table), while "Isildur1" had just over $45k.

Palmer called a standard pre-flop raise from "Isildur1", and the flop came:


"urnotindangr" checked, "Isildur1" bet $500 and "urnotindangr" called.

The turn brought the 7d.

"urnotindangr" checked, "Isildur1" bet $1,400 and "urnotindangr" called.

The river brought the 4d.

"urnotindangr" checked yet again, "Isildur1" bet $2,850, "urnotindangr" raised to $8,600, "Isildur1" pushed all-in and "urnotindangr" made the call for about $18,625 more.

The two players turned over:

"Isildur1" - 8d-10s
"urnotindangr" - 5h-5s

"urnotindangr" took down the $60k pot with his full house, Fives full of Twos.


As mentioned, Scott Palmer and Viktor Blom will finish up their match next Sunday.

"Isildur1" is currently 5-2 in "Superstar Showdown" matches, with wins against Tony G, Daniel Negreanu, "Dodgyfish72", Daniel Cates and Eugene Katchalov. Blom's two losses have come against Isaac Haxton and Daniel Negreanu (rematch).


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