Quicktender/UseMyWallet Discontinues Service

Published on May 26th, 2011 1:11 am EST

Quicktender and UseMyWallet logosQuicktender/Usemywallet, a popular virtual e-wallet company that many people used to deposit and withdraw from online poker sites, discontinued service earlier today.

When you go to quicktender.com, you are now greeted with this message:

"With regret, the Quicktender service has been discontinued. All account holders will be notified by email"

Emails from Quicktender to their clients earlier today elaborated on the situation:

"Since our last email communication where we advised any funds in your QuickTender account could still be used to purchase at QuickTender accepting sites we had been working hard to reinstate our withdrawal facility and ensuring your funds where safe and secure.

However, further developments specifically relating to our main bank processing company have resulted in our accounts being frozen subject to a seizure order giving us no ability to make payments in any currency.

In light of these developments we have had no option but to discontinue the Quicktender service with immediate effect and for the foreseeable future.

At this time we are unable to confirm when or if we could make payments of remaining balances.

We will keep you advised of future relevant developments."


Last week, Quicktender issued a press release in which they said:

"..it emerges that the money has been accumulated in our bank's correspondent banking partners accounts in the US, and has been frozen. We suspect it is possible that these funds may be subject to a seizure order by the US authorities."

A week later, and Quicktender announces that they are discontinuing their service with "immediate effect".

UseMyWallet/Quicktender was a popular method of depositing and withdrawing from a number of different online poker networks.

Many people now have substantial sums of money trapped on UseMyWallet/Quicktender, and there is absolutely no indication as to when they might see their money.


The DoJ continues to tighten its grip..


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