Both "durrrr" Challenges Are Currently on Hold

Published on October 22nd, 2010 3:17 pm EST

Tom Dwan in the zoneWhen Daniel "jungleman12" Cates agreed to take on Tom Dwan in the second "durrrr" Challenge, many people (including myself) figured that they would rip through the required 50,000 hands in just a few short months.

The second "durrrr" Challenge got off to a great start, as Dwan and Cates managed to play nearly 6,000 hands over the first two days of play. The challenge, which got underway on August 27th, was almost 12% finished by August 28th. It was a great start, and suddenly people were excited about the "durrrr" Challenge once again.

Fast forward nearly two months, and the excitement that people had about the Cates vs Dwan battle has been sapped. From August 28th to October 22nd, Dwan and Cates have managed to play less than 1,800 hands. The last battle between the two occurred on October 5th, when "durrrr" and "Jungleman12" hooked up for an incredibly short 258 hand session.

September was an incredibly busy month in the poker world, so maybe things will start to pick up again over the next month or so. However, having said that, Dwan and Cates have both played close to 10,000 hands on Full Tilt Poker so far this month, with only a few hundred of those hands coming against each other in the second "durrrr" Challenge.

Hopefully the Cates vs Dwan challenge doesn't end up going the way of the first "durrrr" Challenge, which has been in progress for almost two years now. The last session between Antonius and Dwan took place on August 3rd, 2010. The first "durrrr" Challenge, which got underway way back in February of 2009, is still over 10,000 hands away from being completed. I haven't heard anything regarding Antonius buying his way out of the bet, so I can only assume that the challenge is still active.

Here is where the two challenges stand as of right now:

"Durrrr" Challenge #1 (Tom Dwan vs Patrik Antonius)

Tom Dwan is up $2,059,719.50 After a Total of 39,436 hands

"Durrrr" Challenge #2 (Tom Dwan vs Daniel Cates)

Daniel Cates is up $657,774.50 After a Total of 7,660 hands


Hopefully the second "durrrr" Challenge can get back on track sometime soon. Let's hope that it doesn't devolve into a bunch of short and infrequent sessions, which is what happened with the first "durrrr" Challenge.

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