Definition of Big Hand

What does the term "big hand" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "big hand"?

In the world of poker, a big hand is exactly as it sounds - a big hand.

If you have the absolute BEST hand, you will likely say that you have the "nuts".

The meaning of the poker term Big Hand.  Illustration of chips falling from air.If you have a very good hand, you will likely say that you have a "big hand".

For instance - a big hand might be something like a set of 5s on a board of 2-5-Q. This isn't the "nuts", though a set of 5s is a very big hand that is almost certainly ahead of everyone else.

"Big hand" can also simply refers to the two cards that you are playing. For instance, you are playing in an online poker tournament and announce to your friends that you've got a "big hand" after you are dealt pocket Kings.


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