Definition of Blinded

An ante is a forced bet that every player must make in order to participate. A player who skips the ante must skip the current hand, but some games require antes; in that case, a skipped ante results in resignation from the game.

Like the ante, blinds are forced bets. The primary difference is that blinds, the big blind and the small blind, only apply to the two players sitting to the left of the dealer or the dealer button. A player cannot sit out a blind.

Definition of the term Blinded - Kings Poker DictionaryIn the poker vernacular, to ante off or to blind off means to have one's stack reduced due to the ante or blind requirement. In tournament environments, this requirement often increases periodically as the event unfolds.

It's possible for a player to lose the game because they blind off or ante off, which reduces their stack to zero or less. A player who will be blinded off or blinded away in several hands may have to play very aggressively now to avoid that.

Other senses of the terms ante off and blind off are simply anted and blinded. A player may say he blinded or anted, as in he performed the action. Also, a player may say she was blinded or anted, as in the game performed the action on them.


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