Definition of Chip Dumping

What does the term "chip dumping" mean in poker? What is the definition of the term "chip dumping"?

In poker, "chip dumping" occurs when one player intentionally loses chips to another player at the table.

Definition of Chip Dumping in PokerHere are the two most common scenarios when chip dumping occurs:

1. Tournament Play. Let's say that we have a player (let's call him Player X) who has bought in himself and four other players into a tournament. The four players have been instructed to dump chips to Player X whenever they are sitting at his table. This obviously allows Player X to accumulate a stack with zero risk and give himself a better chance of winning the tournament.

Chip dumping in a tournament can be either very easy or very hard to detect, depending on how sophisticated the players are.

2. Online Cash Game Play. Chip dumping in a cash game is done to move money from one person to another. There are obviously shady reasons when money is moved like this online (if everything was on the up-and-up, a transfer would be used), and online poker sites will ban players who chip dump in cash games if they are caught.


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