Definition of Chop the Pot

What does the term "chop the pot" mean as it applies to the world of poker? What is meant by "chopping the pot"?

In poker, "chopping the pot" occurs when two or more players have the winning hand, resulting in the players splitting the pot.

In a high or low game, "chopping the pot" occurs when two or more players have the winning hand. In a high/low game, "chopping the pot" occurs when one (or more) player has the high hand, while another player (or players) has the low hand.

Definition of Chop the Pot - Poker DictionaryLet's look at an example of "chopping the pot" in both a high (Texas Hold'em) and high/low (Omaha Hi/Lo) game.

Example 1:

You get into a pre-flop raising war with one other opponent during a Texas Hold'em Multi-Table Tournament.

You both end up getting your stacks into the middle of the table, and you both flip over pocket Aces.

Neither player ends with a flush, meaning that the pot is "chopped" - you and your opponent share the pot.

Example 2:

You are involved in an Omaha Hi/lo cash game hand. You are holding:


The board reads:


You have the A-2 for the low, while your opponent has trip Queens for the high. You and your opponent chop the pot.


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