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What does the term "Galfond Challenge" mean? What is the definition of the term "Galfond Challenge"?

The "Galfond Challenge" was conceived by Phil Galfond in late 2019 and emulates the "durrrr Challenge" that took place a decade prior.

The King explains the meaning of Galfond Challenge when it comes to the world of high stakes poker.With the "Galfond Challenge", Phil issued an open challenge to anybody that wished to battle him in heads-up, high stakes Pot Limit Omaha.

Similar to the "durrrr Challenge", Galfond dangled a carrot in front of any potential challengers in the form of an additional payoff if his challenger was ahead at the end of a certain number of hands.

For instance, Galfond's first challenger, "VeniVidi", will receive €200,000 from Galfond if "VeniVidi" is ahead after 25,000 hands, while Galfond will receive €100,000 if he is ahead.

Some of the names that accepted the challenge included Bill Perkins, Brandon Adams, Daniel Cates and "VeniVidi", just to name a few.


Galfond issued the challenge for two reasons:

1) Gain exposure for his newly launched online poker site, Run It Once Poker

2) To motivate him to return to the world of high stakes poker after a lengthy absence


All of the "Galfond Challenge" matches will feature stakes of at least $100/$200, and all of the matches will be played in Pot Limit Omaha.

The biggest stakes match is set to be Galfond vs "ActionFreak", which will take place at €150/€300.

The biggest side bets will come in the Bill Perkins and Chance Kornuth matches, where Galfond stands to lose an additional $1 million if he comes up short.


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