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What does the term "rainbow" mean in the game of poker? What is the definition of the term "rainbow" in poker?

In poker, the term "rainbow" refers to when the flop contains cards of completely different suits.

For instance - let's say that you are watching a televised cash game. The flop comes:


After seeing this flop, the commentator remarks that the "flop has come Ace King Seven rainbow".

Definition of the term Rainbow - Poker Dictionary - IllustrationWhen the commentator says that, he is referring to the fact that the flop doesn't contain any cards of the same suit, as a Heart, Spade and Diamond have been dealt.

A "rainbow" flop obviously means that there will be less chance of a player hitting a flush in the hand, so it will change the way that the hand is played.

For instance, let's say that you held AQ, and the flop came Ah-Ks-7d. You lead out with a bet and get one caller.

Now, let's say that you held AQ and the flop came Ah-Kh-7h. You lead out with a bet and get one caller.

You are going to feel quite a bit better about your hand in the first instance compared to the second, as there is no chance of a flush in the first hand. In the second hand, however, your opponent could easily be slowplaying a flush or drawing to a flush.


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