Definition of Re-Entry Tournament

What is the definition of the term "re-entry tournament" in the world of poker? What is meant by a "re-entry tournament"?

In poker, a re-entry tournament is a tournament in which players are allowed to buy back in if they are eliminated, up to a certain point in the tournament.

The meaning of Re-Entry Tournament in the game of poker is explained by the King.

There are various types of re-entry events.

In some events, players are allowed to re-enter an unlimited number of times up to a certain point. For instance - let's say that there is an online tournament that allows re-entries up until the end of Level 4. This means that you could be eliminated a total of 10 times and decide to buy back in, provided that Level 4 hasn't reached its conclusion as of yet. After Level 4 comes to an end, you will be unable to buy back in.

There are also re-entry events in tournaments that have multiple flights.

For instance, let's say that there is a re-enter tournament at the World Series of Poker that has four starting flights.

In this case, tournament organizers may allow you to re-enter in a future starting flight. For instance, if you are eliminated on Day 1A of a tournament, you could potentially decide to re-enter on Day 1B.

These tournaments typically allow for one re-entry per starting flight.

There are many poker purists who believe that re-entry tournaments ruin the game. They believe that re-entry events favor players with bigger bankrolls and that re-entries fundamentally change the way that people play. For instance, you can afford to be much more aggressive if you know that you can still re-enter a tournament multiple times if you have to.

In addition, players with smaller bankrolls run the risk of being run over by players with bigger bankrolls who can re-enter with ease.


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