Published on April 1st, 2007 9:42 pm EST

Considering that Ram Vaswani is just about to enter the final table of the EPT Monte Carlo event, I thought it would be appropriate to write a short profile of the ultra-aggressive player and member of the The Hendon Mob.

Ram, known on some online sites as "Crazy Horse" and playing under his own "Ram Vaswani" name on Full Tilt Poker, was formerly a professional snooker player before transitioning to the game of poker.

Before this year's EPT Monte Carlo, Ram was the only player to ever final table 3 EPT events; you can now add another final table to that impressive tally. Ram also has numerous World Series of Poker final tables under his belt, and a number of victories in overseas tournaments.

Ram is known as an avid gambler who would bet on "anything that moves." If you have watched him play on Full Tilt Poker, you have probably realized that Ram is an extremely aggressive player who seems to be an action junkie, taking flops with marginal hands but constantly outmanouevering his opponents.

Ram is the youngest member of the Hendon Mob, and currently has one EPT victory under his belt, and is going for a second victory tomorrow at EPT Monte Carlo.


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