Published on April 25th, 2003, 1:29 am EST

The King tips the video poker machineHere is a list, in no particular order, of various video poker tips that we have put together after years of playing video poker. This list is incomplete, and we will be adding to it in the near future.

1) Look for machines that pay out 6 to 1 for a flush and 9 to 1 for a full house. If the machines are paying out less than that, move to another machine.

2) Control your bets. An amateur will get emotional, and start making larger and larger bets as they start to lose. Don't do this. As we stated in a previous article, lower your bets when you are losing, and raise your bets when you are winning. Video poker is a game of streaks.

3) If you are just starting out, bet very small amounts and then work your way up as you gain more experience. If you deposit $100 and are playing for the first time, don't make $10 bets.

4) Think each hand through carefully. The online video poker machine will not hurry you like a dealer at a blackjack table might. Even if it takes you 15 minutes to calculate the odds of a video poker hand, then take the full 15 minutes. It is easy for your eyes to start clouding over after you've played for a bit. That's when you'll start losing.

5) Never draw five new cards if you hold a Jack or better. This is obvious, but it had to be said.

6) Know the odds and know your payouts. Make sure you know how much say, a 3 of a kind pays out, and what the odds are of getting a 3 of a kind, and bet accordingly. Knowledge of the odds is key.


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