Published on May 4, 2003, 1:28 am EST

joking apart flash video game - video pokerYou may have been surfing around our site and noticed the two free video poker games that we offer: Jacks or Better Poker and Joking Apart. Why do we offer these games? Our goal here at is to ease our users into the world of playing video poker online, and what better way to start than to play for free, with no money involved, and no sign-up at an online casino involved?

We recommend that a beginner video poker player start by playing one of these two games on the site. Then, when you become a bit more comfortable with the rules of playing video poker, you can visit our Where to Play Online page and graduate to playing with real money. It is recommended though that you spend at least 5-6 hours playing with one of the free games.

The first game is called Jacks or Better Poker. For a better understanding of how this game is played, we recommend that you read the first installment in our how to Play series, Jacks or Better Poker.

Playing this free Jacks or Better poker game will enable you to develop your money management skills, and help you to gain an understanding of the odds of certain hands, and their payouts.

The second game, entitled Joking Apart, is a bit more graphics intensive, but is very realistic.

The Free Games can be found in the Free Games section, located at the top of the main page on this site.


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