Published on June 2, 2003, 3:45 am EST

Interest in playing poker online has picked up tremendously in the past week. Why?

At the World Series of Poker that ended just last week, Chris Moneymaker won first place and 2.5 million dollars. The special thing about his victory was that he qualified on the Internet. Binion's, the host for the event, offered a number of spots available through side tournaments hosted at various online poker sites, where the winners would be invited to play at the World Series of Poker without having to pay the $10,000 buy in fee. Moneymaker was one of those people, qualifying through an Internet gambling site.

So the main question is, was his victory a fluke, or is it possible to become a poker expert online?

The answer is, it is definitely possible to become an expert online. Sure, you can't use the "tells" of your opponents to your advantage, but you can gain a mastery of the odds of each hand. You can also learn about money management, hand management, and knowing when to fold and when to raise.

Chris Moneymaker's win revolutionized online gambling, and especially online poker. Many people don't know that you can actually play against other people online, with real money. You can deposit a few dollars at a site such as the Poker Room, and within minutes be playing against people from all over the world, with real money. No longer do you have to seek out a dingy underground poker game .. but you can instead play in your pajamas at 5 am in the morning, against people from Russia, Japan and Australia, for real money. If you wish for a more interactive online gaming experience, you should consider joining a poker room online. For some people, playing slots is fun. But for others, they need the challenge of actually going up against human opponents, head to head. For these people, multi-player poker is the answer.


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