Published on June 18, 2003, 12:49 pm EST

You may have been watching the Travel Channel recently and noticed that they have been airing a show called the "World Poker Tour" every Wednesday at 9 pm. With Chris Moneymaker winning the World Series of Poker with an entry that he won playing online, and with this TV show gaining in popularity, the game of poker is about to become much more than a back room game; it's about to become mainstream.

It makes sense that poker would have its own television show; over 50 million people in America play the game regularly, and it is a very interesting and challenging game, with mathematical and psychological components to it. This television show showcases that, and also seeks to show the world that poker is a game played by people of all different shapes and sizes, not just middle aged men. To play poker online now, check out our favorite poker room.

The World Poker Tour offers very high cash prizes, all the way up to 2,000,000, to convey to the audience that poker can be a very nerve-wracking game. Hosted by world poker champion Mike Sexton and poker expert Vince Van Patten, viewers are clued in to the action not only by the expert commentary of the hosts, but also by the fact that the audience can see the players hole cards. Bluff or not, the viewer can see all of the action.

It's a great show, with knowledgable commentary, and we highly recommend that you watch it. There is no better way to learn poker than to watch it being played in a competitive environment.

Check your local listings to get the exact time that the World Poker Tour airs in your area.


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