Published on June 30th, 2007 6:29 pm EST

By now, you have probably heard about Erick Lindgren's golfing prop bet that he won.

A number of poker players, including the likes of Phil Ivey, Gavin Smith and others, bet Erick Lindgren a total of $340k that he couldn't shoot under 100 in four consecutive rounds.

While playing in 100+ degree Las Vegas heat.

While carrying his own clubs.

While shooting from the pro tees.

All within one day.

ErickErick Lindgren normally shoots in the mid 80's on this course. From the tips, the course is about 7200 yards long. So to do this four times in one day, Lindgren would have to walk over 20 miles in blistering heat while carrying his own clubs.

The first two rounds were easy for Lindgren, as everyone was expecting. He shot an 86 and an 84 in the first two rounds. The third round was trickier, as Erick got off to a rocky start, but had a great back nine to easily break 100 in the third round.

In the fourth round, the heat and pressure started taking a toll on Lindgren. He frequently had to lay down on his back, and he said that he couldn't speak or hear anything because of the heat exhaustion.

With about 5-6 holes to go, it looked like Lindgren would win the bet, so he accepted buyouts on his bets from a few people. Ivey was on the hook for the entire amount that he bet, which was $200k.

Fourteen hours after he started, Lindgren won the bet, taking down about $300k when all was said and done.

To anyone who thinks that they might be able to do this; think again. Not only is Lindgren a strong golfer, but he is also in great shape. I mean, imagine walking almost the length of a marathon in blazing heat, carrying a full bag of clubs and having a $300k bet hanging over your head?

Props to Lindgren. A sick takedown.


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