Published on July 8th, 2007 10:25 pm EST

You ever wondered what your favorite professional poker player would be doing with themselves if they didn't play poker? What profession they would have? We've compiled a list of 20 professional poker players, and what they would be doing if they didn't play poker:

jennifer tilly poker player1. Vinny Vinh - magician. Can make himself and all of his money disappear with the snap of his fingers.

2. Justin Bonomo - involved somehow in human cloning.

3. Jennifer Tilly - alpine ski hill.

4. Dutch Boyd - would have played Bill Murray's character in the sequel to "What About Bob?"

5. Chad Batista - television antenna

6. Mike Matusow - linguist, occasional writer of poetry

7. Humberto Brenes - rodeo clown

8. Chris Ferguson - cyborg

9. Prahlad Friedman - contestant on the "White Rapper" show

10. Robert Varkonyi - some sort of inanimate object, maybe a tree or rock

11. Phil Hellmuth Jr. - spokeperson for "Men with a Hopeless Sense of Fashion"

12. Alex Jacob - garden shrub / Ronald McDonald stand-in

13. Dustin Woolf - professional money manager

14. Daniel Negreanu - Hair Club for Men spokesperson

15. Mark "Newhizzle" Newhouse - collection agent


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