Published on April 2, 2003, 11:45 pm

The King is playing poker on his IBM laptopHave you been visiting some of the online casino sites recently, wondering if you should take the plunge and play for real?
Here is our list of the advantages of playing video poker online.

1) You get to play at home, sitting in your pajamas. Instead of having to listen to the constant whistles and alarms that sound off in a Las Vegas casino, you can listen to classical music while playing some video poker.

2) The odds of winning are increased. Why? Online casinos have lower fixed costs than a Las Vegas casino. Think about it, a Las Vegas casino has to pay for your free drinks, all of the employees, the people working the tables, etc. Online casinos have much smaller staffs, and can therefore afford to pay out a higher percentage to their players.

3) You can play any game any time you want. Don't you get tired of some old woman taking up 4 video poker machines at one time in Vegas? There is no such thing as a line-up for online casino machines. Play any game that you want, at any time of the day.

4) Great graphics. Some of the machines in Vegas are pretty old; online casinos know that the look of a game is very important to patrons, so they make sure the games are visually appealing, as well as having high payouts.

5) Much lower costs. No need to buy an airline ticket to Vegas, no need to rent a hotel room, no need to spend money on shows.


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