Dan Bilzerian Rides Over 300 Miles in Less Than 48 Hours

Published on March 31st, 2016 2:55 pm EST

Dan Bilzerian - Profile photoThe wager that captivated the poker world has now been completed, as Dan Bilzerian was able to successfully bike from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in less than 48 hours.

The bet came together after hedge fund manager and high limit tournament player Bill Perkins declared that Dan Bilzerian wouldn't be able to bike from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in less than 48 hours. Bilzerian, who put in a significant amount of training to try to become a Navy Seal earlier in his life, disagreed and both men ended up wagering $600,000 on the outcome. Other people jumped in on the betting action, with some online sports books even choosing to offer a line on the outcome (Bilzerian was a significant favorite to win at online sports book Bovada). According to Bilzerian himself, there was over $2 million riding on the bets' outcome by the time that he pedalled away from Las Vegas.

Bilzerian pulled out all the stops to ensure that he would win the wager, as he enlisted the help of Lance Armstrong and employed an army of chefs and drivers to help him successfully complete the 300+ mile bike ride.


In the end, the bet wasn't even close as Bilzerian completed the wager with roughly 12 hours to spare.

There was some controversy about halfway through the bet, as some argued that Bilzerian was using "mechanical assistance" (this was against the rules per the terms of the wager) by cycling directly behind one of the vehicles in his entourage. This made Bilzerian's ride significantly easier as he was able to "draft" the vehicle, which resulted in less wind resistance for Bilzerian and his bicycle. In the end, the two sides agreed that this didn't constitute "mechanical assistance", but Bilzerian stopped using this method with around 100 miles left in the challenge anyways.


Bill Perkins loves his prop bets (remember the Antonio Esfandiari lunge bet that got him disqualified from the PCA main event), so don't be surprised to see Bilzerian and Perkins get involved in another high profile wager in the near future. According to Perkins, some of the bets that are being considered include Bilzerian sailing to England or sky-diving from space.


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