Where Is Former "Team Full Tilt" Member Phil Gordon These Days?

Published on September 28th, 2019 8:10 pm EST

A known poker player left for pastures new a long while ago.Remember Phil Gordon?

Prior to "Black Friday" taking place, Phil Gordon was a member of "Team Full Tilt". Gordon made frequent appearances on TV, playing on such shows as "Poker After Dark" and others.

Gordon was a prominent part of the Full Tilt Poker team - according to his Wikipedia profile, Gordon was part of a group that helped to design the Full Tilt Poker software.

Gordon had a background in computer science and did very well for himself after the start-up that he was a part of, Netsys Technologies, was acquired by Cisco Systems. Gordon elected to focus on poker when Netsys was acquired, and this move eventually lead Gordon to Full Tilt Poker.

When "Black Friday" took place, many assumed that Gordon was one of the key higher-ups in the company. This assumption led to Gordon being named in a multi-million civil suit against the alleged primaries at Full Tilt Poker, though Gordon eventually had himself dismissed from the suit after he was able to prove that he was not involved in the decision-making at the company.

In addition to his involvement with Full Tilt Poker, Gordon was also heavily involved in other aspects of poker, including providing commentary for the Celebrity Poker Showdown and The Pro-Am Poker Equalizer.

Like some others that were involved in Full Tilt Poker, Gordon essentially disappeared from the poker world after "Black Friday". In fact, his last live tournament cash came a month before "Black Friday" at the 2011 NBC National Heads-Up Championship, where he finished in 16th place for $30,000.


So what did Gordon get up to after "Black Friday"?

Gordon's first post-"Black Friday" venture was founding Jawfish Games, which produced a multiplayer online tournament platform called "Jawfish Focus" and games such as Jawfish Words and Jawfish Poker.

According to online reports, Jawfish Games was forced to shutter in January of 2014 after a potential acquisition fell through. The company, which was started in January of 2012, ended up lasting two years. An offer to acquire the company for $20 million reportedly fell through at the last moment, leaving the company with no funds to continue its operations. The company wound down operations in late January of 2014.

Not to be deterred, Gordon moved on to a new venture in 2014 after he started "Chatbox", which is described as a "simple, scalable solution for communicating with customers over their preferred medium - messaging".

Chatbox received roughly $4.4 million in funding by the end of 2015 and seems to still be in operation.


In short, Gordon seems to have left the poker community in order to scratch his entrepreneurial itch. So far, this has had mixed results, as Gordon's first company ended up failing.


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