Published on November 3rd, 2007 1:46 am EST

logo - wpt - world poker tourOne of the more interesting stories to come out of the North American Poker Championship was Kofi "redsoxsox" Farkye and "Actionjeff" Garza squaring off at the final table of the event.

It was revealed during the final two tables of action that Kofi Farkye used to play under the alias of "redsoxsox" on Pokerstars.

What is interesting about this is that "redsoxsox" was banned from Pokerstars for life for colluding with another account, "opobi43."

I'll admit I was a bit curious when Kofi didn't want to reveal what his online alias was to Cardplayer reporters. This struck me as being strange, as most players don't hesitate to give out the name that they play under. Now we know why. If you try logging into Pokerstars using "redsoxsox" as the log-in name and any gibberish as the password, you will get the standard message given to all players that have been banned from the site.

"Redsoxsox" and "opobi43" are brothers.

The interesting part about the final table is that Jeff "Actionjeff" Garza may have very well been the one to get these two players banned from Pokerstars. He got three-handed with these two players in a $100 rebuy and won (3/24/2006). Then, less than a month later (4/14/2006), the same three players got three-handed once again in a $100 rebuy, and Jeff felt like they were soft-playing each other, along with dumping stacks to each other in the rebuy periods. Jeff finally emailed Pokerstars with his suspicions. Pokerstars eventually responded by saying that the two players had been banned for collusion.

If you were ever wondering where "redsoxsox" went (he went on a major rampage on Pokerstars in the middle of 2006, winning all sorts of tournaments), now you know.

By all accounts, Farkye still plays on Pokerstars under a different alias.


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