Published on February 19th, 2004, 5:54 pm EST

Paul is one of our favorite poker players here at the Poker King. He is an incredibly smart poker player, and likes to speak his mind without coming off as sounding like a whiner. In one notable incident, Paul was quoted in a Las Vegas newspaper as not being supportive of a change in Binion's policy regarding how tournament rakes were split; due to this, he was forcibly removed from Binion's, and hasn't played an event there since.

In some ways, Paul Phillips could be considered the Mark Cuban of the poker world. Independantly wealthy from the dot com era, Paul decided to focus his talents on the world of poker. Because he has money in the bank, Paul can eliminate a good deal of emotion from his game.

Paul has had a great deal of success in this year's World Poker Tour events; he won the 2003 Five Diamond Bellagio tournament, and placed second in the Bicycle Casino event. It doesn't sound as though Paul will be competing in this year's World Series of Poker, as it will be taking place in Binion's, but look for him to continue place high in World Poker Tour events in 2004.

Paul also posts quite a bit online; his postings can be seen at the newsgroup. Best of luck to Paul in 2004.


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