Published on April 15, 2003, 1:47 pm

The King is standing on top of the video poker machineWhen you think about millionaires, you probably think of real estate, the stock market, and inheritances. You probably don't think that someone can become a millionaire from playing Video Poker, but Bob Dancer did just that, as detailed in his book "Million Dollar Video Poker."

Bob made his start playing blackjack, and failed miserably. At the age of 47, Bob finally started to devote his time to learning the nuances of video poker, shedding his unprofitable embrace of blackjack. The time spent has paid off, as Bob is now a millionaire, and has written several books about video poker.

In 1993, Bob moved to Vegas from California with just $6,000, wanting to become a professional blackjack player. Bob started playing video poker on the side. Dancer had a grasp of mathematics, as he obtained a degree from USC, and was able to use this knowledge to figure out the best odds and biggest payouts.

Dancer spent his time crunching numbers, trying to figure out the mathematical odds of each hand of poker, often skipping meals. It paid off though, as Dancer won over a million dollars playing video poker from 2000 to 2001.

Covered in the book is how to evaluate casino promotions and also, how to stay under the radar of casinos while you are making your money.


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