Published on August 19th, 2008 5:11 am EST

Starting September 14th, Dave Cain will be attempting to break the world record for longest-ever poker session.

The official (according to Guinness World Records) record is currently 72 hours and 2 minutes, and is held by Larry Olmsted of the United States. Larry spent three full days at a table at Foxwoods, taking 15 minute breaks every eight hours so that he could change his clothes and brush his teeth. He started with $100 at a low-limit table, and by the time he had finished, possessed a stack of just under $1,000. At one point he was too tired to read the cards that he was being dealt, but pressed on anyways as he wanted to secure the record.

Cain will be looking to smash the previous record - he states that he hopes to play 100 hours straight, possibly more.

Dave Cain will not only be attempting to break the record, but he'll also be doing it playing heads-up, deep-stacked poker. This will be considerably more mentally taxing than just playing a full-ring game for 100 hours. Opponents will be substituted in on a continuing basis so that Cain can play "as many opponents as possible".

The venue will be the Library Bar in Lincoln, UK, and the event itself will take place between September 14th - September 18th.

100 hours? Playing heads-up poker? Sounds just about impossible to me. Best of luck to Cain though, as he will be using the attempt to raise money for local charities.


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