Published on September 13th, 2004, 6:01 pm EST

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Q: King, Could you explain what a SNG is? Thanks,

Dave, New York

A: Dave, SNG stands for "Sit 'N Go." You will see these on sites such as Party Poker. You will usually see either one or two table Sit 'N Gos. As opposed to a larger multi-table tournament with a fixed start time, Sit 'N Go's start as soon as the table is full (usually ten players, 20 if it's a two table game.) You sit at the table, and when the table is full, the game starts. These are very popular on the online sites because you don't have to wait for a certain time to start playing; as soon as the table is full, the game begins.

On some sites the blinds go up every X number of hands; whereas on other sites, it goes up every X minutes. When the blinds rise every X number of hands, this can make for very fast games, quite a bit faster than when they rise every 10 minutes for instance.

Q: King, what is the best strategy for a large, multi-table tournament?

A: Well, you'll probably get a 100 different answers and opinions, but the King thinks it is the best strategy to be very aggressive in the beginning, and try to build up an early stack. You will find yourself being bounced out of tournaments early sometimes being aggressive, but you should also find yourself placing high if you are aggressive, which should more than balance out the early exits. Be aggressive rather than just trying to survive to place in the money. If your goal is to just hang around long enough to place in the money, you will play weak poker. If you go out trying to win everytime, you will sometimes pay for your over-aggressiveness, but it will pay off in the long run.


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