Published on March 4th, 2005, 10:15 am EST

So you've played online for a while, and you've done so quite successfully. You are travelling to Vegas in a week, and you want to try your hand at a real live poker game.

Live poker is immensely enjoyable, and can quite often be more profitable than playing online? Why? People tend to think out their moves a bit more, and it is also much easier to pick up "tells" on people.

The downside is that playing at a live table can be intimidating, and you need to know the rules or else you might feel embarassed at the table. Vegas is a good place to start though, as there will be a lot of beginners there. Just keep in mind though, that you should have some familiarity with how the blinds work, how the betting rounds work, etc., before you sit down.

If you are in Vegas, you should try playing a small tournament as well. They run all the time, and can be great fun. Playing an SNG online is fun, however, playing a small live tournament in Vegas can be a blast and a great learning experience. Tournaments are great to play, cause the amount you could lose is limited to your buy-in, so it kind of takes the edge off if you know what you are going to lose (if you do lose), going into it.

So make sure you learn the rules, and have fun!


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