Published on January 27th, 2006 3:42 am EST

Daniel Negreanu has finally hit back at his critics, after making the final table of the WSOP tournament circuit event in Tunica. After the year 2004, where we saw Daniel make 4 WPT Final tables (winning 2) and 5 WSOP final tables (Winning 1) people thought that his 2005 year was not up to par. But truth be told, Daniel still had a successful 2005, making one WPT final table, and still winning over 200 thousand in tournaments alone.

People expected Daniel to better his record of 2004, and when he had a poor 2005, in comparison to 2004, people wrote him off. People started to doubt Danielís ability as a poker player. Daniel was no longer considered by many, as a top grade tournament player, and talked of his 2004 success, as if it were a mere fluke.

Danielís lack of success in 2004 was probably a combination of things. It was the first year, that he regularly played in the biggest cash games in the world, playing against the like of; Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Chip Reese and Barry Greenstein. It was also the year Daniel got married, and it was also the year he worked extensively on getting Staked, his poker video game. But, i think one of the biggest factors, that hindered Daniels performances in 2004, was luck. We, as viewers, canít get an appreciation of how much bad luck Daniel ecountered in this 2005. Daniel wasnít hitting hands, and his hands werenít holding up, and we all know, that luck needs to be on our side, if weíre to navigate our way through the biggest fields poker has ever seen.

Daniels bad luck looked set to continue, after busting out all day one, in all three tournaments he entered. But tomorrow, Daniel will sit at the Final table of the WSOP circuit grand tournament in Tunica, second in chips, and is looking very strong.

We can expect Daniel to have a strong finish to this tournament, and hopefully, appear at many more final tables in the remainder of 2006.


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