Published on February 3rd, 2006 6:45 am EST


Well, i have been playing, almost exclusively at Pokerchamps for almost a week now, and here are my take on things at this site.

The interface has it's good points and it's bad points. It has one of the greatest features i have seen, where you can choose a 'table view' or 1, 2, 4 or 6 tables. This makes it so much more accessable when multi-tabling, and although i rarely play more than 2 games, it's good to know that the feature is there if i need it.

The layout of the site is clean and simple, you can find everything easy. The colours blend well, and it's easy on the eyes, compared to other sites. When your seated at a table, it resembles Pokerstars, in the way they have, Chat, Stat, Note, and Tourney tabs. You can see where each player is placed, as it's right next to their name, which makes it much better than most sites. The biggest concern i have with the table is that it's so hard to type in values, and raise the amount you want. Sometimes, to save myself the bother, i just raise however much it has landed on, because i truely find it a pain to fix it.

The players found at the site are some of the softest opponents i have seen since the early Party Poker days. There is a living to be made at their limit games, and the SnG's aren't much better. The players may be bad, but are also some of the nicest players i have found playing online. Not once have i been abused by another player, nor have i seen it happen to someone else, which makes the site all the more pleasant to play on.

The ring games are very soft, but sometimes struggle to get players. You can always find limit and no limit holdem games, although sometimes you may have to settle for different stakes than usual. Omaha has next to no action, and they don't even host Omaha hi/lo, Stud or Stud hi/lo. What they do have though, are some really soft games, and if you can find a game, you will be rewarded.

Every tournament has a gauranteed prizepool, and alot of the times, they aren't met. Although, i find the numbers sometimes don't meet the standards i would prefer, the prizepools still make the tournaments worth it. They have a weekly 10K guaranteed, as well as nightly 1000 and 500 guaranteed. They also have anywhere from $2 to $25 tourneys nightly, also with a freeroll every hour. The stucture is excellent, when you enter one of their bigger guaranteed tourneys. In a normal one, the structure is average, but in the $10-$150 buy-ins, the structure is really good, deep stacks, and a slower structure.

The have SnG's running around the clock, starting at $2.50 and getting up to $50. The structure is a bit fast for my liking, but it's ok, it doesn't go so fast, that it becomes a crapshoot at least. You can almost always find one about to start, and at the buy-in you want. Notes become alot easier, as your seeing the same people over and over again.

They offer some great bonuses, and should be used. They actually offer, and pay rakeback themselves, making them then only site, to my knowledge to do this. The more people you sign up, under your affiliate, the more points you get yourself, and the more money you get back.

This is Gus Hansen's site, but Erik Sagstrom (Erik123) and Tony G, also represent the site. Although, i'm yet to see them playing, i'm sure they do.

I would recommend this site to anyone who rathers smaller tournaments, or is a serious limit holdem player. Although this site has it's downfalls, their rakeback, and ring games are redeeming features, and one's that aren't to be missed.


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