Published on January 14th, 2007

Zeejustin. Say that name and you are bound to get a multitude of different responses. Basically, it boils down to two groups. Those who think that Zeejustin is a talented and young poker player that made a stupid mistake and should be forgiven, and those that think that Zeejustin should be blackballed forever.

Personally, I think that Zeejustin should be forgiven and we should move on. You would be shocked and surprised to know how prevelant multi-accounting was; it just so happened that JJProdigy and Zeejustin were the two main casualties.

Zeejustin, aka Justin Bonomo, is an incredibly talented player, and has had an absolutely HUGE couple of months. Straight from Zeejustin's blog, check this out:

12/06/06 ? 5 Diamond Event #5: $5000 Buyin
8th Place: $16,465

12/08/06 ? 5 Diamond Event #7: $2000 Buyin
4th Place: $42,565

12/09/06 ? 5 Diamond Event #9: $3000 Buyin
(somehow I didn?t make the money in this tournament. I must have gotten really unlucky!)

12/11/06 ? 5 Diamond Event #10: $5000 Buyin
5th place: $53,635

12/19/06 ? 5 Diamond Main Event: $15,000 Buyin
7th place: $152,230

1/9/07 ? PCA Main Event: $8,000 Buyin
11th place: $77,702

1/10/07 ? PCA $2500 Buyin
1st place: $123,750

Total: $466,347

Are you kidding me?

Like him or not, Zeejustin is going to be a dominant force on the live circuit, and I predict he takes down a million+ first prize event in the next year. He is just that good.


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