Annette Obrestad, Norwegian Sensation and WSOPE Main Event Winner

Published on March 19th, 2007 9:01 pm EST

In case you have been living under a rock, Annette_15 is one of the hottest players around right now. Load up PokerStars or Ultimatebet or pretty much any other room, and you will likely see Annette_15 near the top of the leaderboard in any big buyin event. Annette_15 has been dominating for a while now, and has multiple $50 and $100 rebuy wins to her credit.

Annette_15, also known as Annette Obrestad, is a teenaged player who is currently living in Norway. Annette_15 built up her bankroll online by playing exclusively freerolls, and says that she has never made a deposit in her life. Ever.

The question is, how is she so good?

After watching her play in many a tournament, I can say that it boils down to a few things. Aggressiveness. Putting pressure on her opponents, especially close to the bubble. Good reads. Exceptional post-flop play.

If Annette_15 enters a hand, it is most likely that she is the aggressor and raising. Annette has the guts to re-raise opponents with nothing but air if she feels as her opponent is weak. Annette is constantly raising marginal hands pre-flop, as she knows that she can outplay most of her opponents after the flop.

Annette_15. Get used to this name, because she is going to be doing damage online for a long, long time.

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