Published on March 27th, 2007 5:02 pm EST

If you have even a passing interest in the online poker world, then you have certainly heard of JJProdigy, who was the teenaged poker prodigy who was banned from many of the big sites for multi-accounting. His spectacular fall from grace came when he entered two accounts into a major Party Poker tournament, won, and then was busted after his student, GBMANTIS, congratulated JJProdigy on his win in a public forum. Unfortunately, the win came under a second account, with the "JJProdigy" account having been knocked out earlier.

Why do I mention this? Because even though JJProdigy has slipped out of the online poker scene (though I am sure he is still playing), his disciples have gone on to become very successful in their own right. Two of his top students are GBMantis and Imper1um. Imper1um is one of the top ranked online players in the world, and I would put GBMantis up there as well in terms of skill.

GBMantis is known as being extremely aggressive at the tables, putting pressure on his opponents, especially around the bubble. I suspect that if GBMantis played the same volume of tournaments as something like Annette_15, he would be much higher in the online player rankings. GBMantis is an absolute beast, so watch out for him at the tables.


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