Published on March 29th, 2007 11:38 pm EST

Check J.C. Tran into the hospital, cause the guy is just plain sick.

How is this for a couple month run. JC Tran comes 6th at Tunica, 2nd at the LAPC, and takes down the World Poker Challenge for $683k last night, beating out JC Alvarado. Three major final tables in just a couple of months, are you kidding me?

JC Tran is an extremely aggressive player who knows how to push around with table when he has a big stack. It is a controlled aggression though; J.C. Tran, although extremely aggressive, seems to know when to make the right laydowns. It was Phil Hellmuth that said, the key to being a successful poker player is knowing when to make the right laydowns.

Not only does J.C. Tran take home $683k for his win last night, but he also secures a gold championship bracelet and a $25,000 seat in the World Poker Tour championship. Maybe another final table there?

JC Tran won the tournament when he got all in holding pocket tens, against JC Alvarado's A6 offsuit. The tens held up, and Tran took down the tournament.

Combine this with the fact that JC Tran won the WCOOP main event not too long ago, and you have an extremely sick couple of months, with Tran taking down close to 2 million dollars in earnings. Expect to see more big things from Tran in the future; I expect him to do very well at the World Series of Poker in a couple of months. Tran is absolutely on fire.


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