Real Name: David Eldar

Also Plays Under: In addition to playing as "POKERBLUFFS" on Full Tilt Poker, Eldar also plays using the "Deldar182" alias on Pokerstars.

"Deldar182" is commonly regarded as being one of the strongest cash game players on Pokerstars.

Online Notes: "POKERBLUFFS" has seemingly appeared out of nowhere in the past couple of weeks to inflict a beat-down on some of the well-known regulars on Full Tilt Poker.

In August 2009, "POKERBLUFFS" suddenly found himself sitting in some of the biggest cash games in the world, namely the $500/$1000 NLHE tables on Full Tilt Poker.

"POKERBLUFFS" handled himself extremely well, earning a little over $1.1 million dollars in the month of August. "POKERBLUFFS" clearly prefers to stick to No Limit Hold'em, as 100% of his earnings came from this game in August.

As mentioned earlier, Eldar also plays under the alias of "Deldar182" on Pokerstars.

According to PokerTableRatings.com, "Deldar182" is up over a million dollars on Pokerstars since around mid-2008.

Live Notes: According to TheHendonMob.com, Eldar has approximately $225k in live tournament cashes over the course of his short poker career.

His biggest cash came in the 2009 EPT Grand Final Monte Carlo High Roller Championship, when he finished in fifth place for $181,450.

A few short weeks earlier, Eldar finished in 19th place in the EPT San Remo event for $34,443.

Eldar is only 20 years old and already a very talented poker player, so expect him to continue to do well in a live tournament setting.

Other Notes and Info: From Melbourne, Australia.

Eldar is a champion Scrabble player, having won the World Youth Scrabble Championship in 2006, and the Australian National Championship in 2007.

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