Definition of Bad Beat Jackpot

What is a "bad beat jackpot"? What is the definition of the term "bad beat jackpot"?

A "bad beat jackpot" is when a poker room (live or online) pays out an amount of money if a very good hand (usually Quad Eights or better) ends up losing to another hand.

Definition of Bad Beat Jackpot - Poker Dictionary - Money Bag - IllustrationThis "bad beat jackpot" is usually divvied up between all of the players at the table who participated in the hand that was played. In most circumstances, the loser of the hand will receive 50% of the bad beat jackpot, the winner of the hand will receive 25% and the remaining players will split the remaining 25%.

The "bad beat jackpot" accrues over time and grows based on how much rake the poker room is collecting. Some online poker rooms will have special "bad beat jackpot" tables where a higher amount of rake is charged in excess for a much higher jackpot.

Most poker rooms will take the money for the bad beat jackpot out of the rake that they normally charge in an attempt to lure in new customers.

Most poker rooms require that players lose with a minimum of Quad Eights in order for the bad beat jackpot to be hit.

For instance, let's say that one player is dealt QQ and another is dealt KK. Let's say that the flop comes QQK, while the turn brings the remaining K. In this case both players will obviously be getting their remaining stacks into the middle of the table. If the poker room has a bad beat jackpot going, the jackpot will be paid out on this hand. The player with QQ would likely get 50% of the jackpot, while the player with KK would likely get 25%. The remaining players at the table, provided that they were dealt cards in the hand that the jackpot was paid out on, would likely split the remaining 25%.


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