Definition of Full House

What is the definition of the term "full house" in poker? What does it mean to have a "full house" in poker?

A "full house" occurs when your hand makes three of a kind plus two of a kind of any other value.

For instance - let's say that you are playing at your favorite online site and you are dealt pocket Nines.

Definition of Full House - Poker Dictionary - Illustration of Three Aces and Two JacksAction folds around to you on the button, and you decide to raise. The SB folds, while the BB calls.

The flop comes 9-K-K. This makes you a "full house", as you now have:

Three of a Kind - 9-9-9 (including the two Nines in your hand)


Two of the Kind - K-K

A full house is a very powerful hand in poker. In the situation noted above, you would be behind to just two hands - pocket Kings and K-9. If the BB has absolutely any other holding, you would be far, far ahead in the hand.

Let's take a look at another "full house" example.

Action folds around to you on the button. You raise holding J-Q, the SB folds and the BB calls.

The flop comes J-J-K. The BB checks. You bet with your Trip Jacks (three of a Kind). The BB calls.

The turn brings the 8 of clubs. The BB checks again, you bet and he calls.

The river brings the 8 of spades. The BB checks once again, you bet and he calls. He flips over K-Q for Kings and Jacks, while you turn over your J-Q for a full house. Let's look at your hand:

Three of a Kind - J-J-J (including the Jack in your hand)

Two of a Kind - 8-8

Even though only one of your cards was used to make your hand, you still made a full house.


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