Definition of Hand Histories

What does the term "hand history" mean in poker? What is the definition of the term "hand history"?

In online poker, a "hand history" shows you what transpired over the course of any given hand.

Definition and meaning of Hand History - King Poker Dictionary - IllustrationFor instance, let's say that you are playing in an online cash game heads-up against one other player. He sits out and says that he will be back in 20 minutes. While he is away, you decide to review the hand histories of your match so far in order to try to figure out his style of play.

A hand history will contain all of the relevant information about a hand, including:

-starting stacks
-pre-flop, post-flop, turn and river bets
-winner of the hand
-cards held by winner and loser if there is a showdown
-cards held by winner if there isn't a showdown and winner shows

Studying hand histories is a crucial part of becoming a better poker player. Do you notice any betting tells? What kind of cards is your opponent opening up with? What kind of cards is your opponent protecting his big blind with? When your opponent goes all-in, does he usually have the nuts or is he capable of big bluffs?

The best players in the world will spend many hours reviewing their hand histories, as it is all part of becoming a better poker player.


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