Definition of Money Bubble

What is the "money bubble" in poker? What is meant by the term "money bubble"?

The term "money bubble" is a term that is used in poker tournaments.

Let's say that you enter a tournament. There are 400 total entrants, and the top 40 spots will pay money.

The "bubble" is the point of the tournament where the next player to be eliminated will miss out on something. For instance, the "money bubble" is the point of the tournament when the next player eliminated will not receive any money. So, in the tournament described above, the "money bubble" would occur when there are 41 players left in the tournament. The player who ends up finishing in 41st place will receive no money.

Money Bubble in Poker - DefinitionTo further illustrate the "bubble" term, the "final table bubble" occurs when there is one more player left to be eliminated before the final table is formed.

Play usually slows to a crawl shortly before the "money bubble", as everybody is trying to finish in the money. Once the "money bubble" has been reached in multi-table tournaments, "hand-for-hand" play will be utilized in order to discourage stalling.

Example of a "Money Bubble":

There are currently 1,146 players left in a major poker tournament. The top 1,145 spots will pay.

The tournament is said to be "on the bubble", as the next player to be eliminated from the event will go home empty-handed. The person who is eventually eliminated in 1,146th place will receive the unfortunate title of "bubble boy" and will go home with nothing.


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