Definition of Multi-Accounting

What does the term "multi-accounting" mean in poker? What is the definition of the term "multi-accounting"?

"Multi-accounting" refers to the process of entering more than one account into an online poker tournament (Multi Table Tournament or Sit and Go) in order to gain an unfair advantage over your opponents.

Definition of Multi Accounting - Poker Dictionary - IllustrationFor instance - let's say that there is a massive tournament upcoming on the world's largest online poker site. Their terms and conditions specifically forbid the use of more than one account by the same person on their site.

You decide to ignore these rules and create a second account using a new computer, your parent's mailing address and a wireless Internet connection. You decide that you are going to enter your primary account and your new secondary account into the tournament in order to gain an edge.

Your secondary account ends up winning a million dollars in the tournament. Unfortunately for you, the poker site does a standard investigation of all of their big tournament winners and eventually deduces that you had entered two accounts into the tournament. You are disqualified from the event and both of your accounts are closed.


Multi-accounting is still a problem in this day and age, however, online poker rooms have done a much better job of cracking down on the issue.

Back in the "Wild West" days of online poker, multi-accounting was a very big problem.


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