Definition of Short-Handed

What does the term short-handed mean in poker? What is the definition of the term short-handed?

The term "short-handed" refers to when there are just a couple of players in a game.

Definition of Short-Handed - Poker Dictionary - Illustration of Online Poker TableExample

It is 3 am and you are at the local casino. You have been sitting in a $5/$10 game all night long.

The game, which was full (and had a waiting list) 4-5 hours ago, has now dwindled down to just 3 players (including yourself). There are spots for ten players in this game, but only three seats are being filled.

This is a "short-handed" game, as there are just a couple of players participating, and there are plenty of open seats.

Example #2

You log in to Full Tilt Poker and sit down at a 9-handed $5/$10 PLO table. There are just two other players in the game. You have just sat down at a "short-handed" Pot Limit Omaha table.


The advantage of playing at a short-handed table? There are a couple:

1) You will be dealt many more hands over the course of an hour.

2) You will have more opportunities to play against a "bad" player.


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